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What do you get when you cross fun with basketball? Basketball shooting games! Shooting hoops is fun, and can even be addicting. This blog post will show you the six best basketball shooting games that we could find. We’ll also provide tips about how to play each one of them so that the fun never has to stop!

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1. H.O.R.S.E.

2. PIG

3. Around the World

5. Horseshoes

6. Knockout

7. Basketball Tag

8. Firing Squad

9. Conclusion

10. Here are Some of our Favourite Basketball Sneakers

Of course, you can always fall back on the team setup games like 2 vs 2 classic style basketball. Butwhy not try something fun and different once in a while?

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This is a fun basketball shooting game that you can play with your friends, and even against yourself! The rules are pretty simple. You have to make the shot before anyone else does for it to count as one point on their side of the scoreboard (or basket).

If your opponent makes a shot, then it’s one point for them. If you miss the shot, they get to take possession of the ball. And shoot from where you made your last attempt. The first player or team to 21 points wins!


This fun basketball shooting game is also known as “Horse” but we prefer calling it by its other name…PIG! Instead of playing in a group like H.O.R S E.. This fun hoops shooting game can be played with just two people at a time.

Although more could play if there were enough balls. It works very similarly to that previous fun basketball shooting games. Say except here each person only gets five shots per turn before passing off the ball until all players have gone.

Around the World

This fun basketball shooting game is a favorite for many people, and it’s easy to see why! It involves a lot of fun dribbling, passing, catching, and hoopin’ all at once. To set up this fun hoops shootin’ activity you’ll need someone who can make accurate throws (the person in charge of throwing the ball), one participant to catch the ball midair, two players with balls on either side of them standing about five feet from the basket that they’re going to be aiming toward. And finally, another player situated behind each end line. Ready to throw their ball into play when called upon by their team members.

As soon as both teams have arranged themselves properly around center court then whichever catcher calls out “Ready, Set Go!” is who’s got the fun job of throwing their ball as hard as they can towards the opposite team! Then it’s up to them and their teammates to stop that ball from going in by hitting it with any part of their body. Before allowing it to fly past them into the hoop.

If someone does let a ball go through. Then either side will receive one point for each time this happens. So if there are six balls used during play then theoretically both sides could end up scoring twelve points.


This fun hoops shootin’ activity is similar to horseshoes in real life. Except we’re going to make this fun game more fun by changing up some parts! For starters there’s only going to be two posts instead of four. So each pair should stand about ten feet apart from one another.

Just like they would if playing horseshoes in real life. As for the fun basketball shooting game itself, you’ll want to use a standard backyard setup of one player standing about ten feet away from their team’s post. While another teammate is stationed directly behind them on the other side.

The fun hoops shootin’ activity will involve both players taking turns throwing (or rolling) their ball towards their opponent’s posts. With points being awarded depending on where it lands. If your shot ends up closer to the hoop then three points are given; if it bounces off of or goes between two posts before landing inside or outside of its designated circle. Then each score counts as only one point and finally, miss too many shots and lose!


Knockout is a fun basketball shooting game designed primarily for just pairs. Then let’s set up a fun hoop shootin’ activity involving exactly that! It works very similarly to the previous fun basketball shooting games. Says except this time around there are only three throws allowed per player before someone goes out.

That means after making your shot you have to quickly move aside because another teammate will immediately take their place. Until one of them has missed or they’ve come back from being knocked out twice – whichever comes first.

So how do you get knocked out? Well if either team manages to make all three shots in succession without missing any (so essentially scores nine points). Then whoever the last person standing on the opposite end is out. They then have to sit down, leave the fun hoops shootin’ activity and watch their teammates finish up without them – which is why this fun basketball shooting game tends to be so competitive!

Basketball Tag

Basketball tag is a fun basketball shooting game that can be played with two to six players as well, but for now, let’s just say there are only going to be three of us involved. You’ll want one player to stand at the free-throw line and another right behind them before handing each a ball – then you’re ready!

The fun hoops shootin’ activity begins when the person in front throws their ball towards who they need to tag so it bounces off of them before being caught by the third participant on either side.

If this is done successfully then whoever was tagged has officially been out and must leave fun hoops shootin’ activity immediately, making sure not to drop any balls along the way though since those also count as “outs.” The last person left standing is the winner.

Firing Squad

This particular basketball game is a fun hoops shootin’ activity that is a little bit different than the others so far, but it’s also great for making things interesting if you’re playing with larger groups of people.

We won’t be setting up teams though because this fun basketball shooting game will involve everyone throwing their ball at once! Start by having them stand in two lines – one on each side facing away from the hoop and the player that is standing behind it.

From here your next step should be telling players to hold out both hands while simultaneously placing balls inside of them. This can make firing squad fun which means they’ll have to use some sort of signal before tossing all three balls toward the opposite team’s post (or hoop) until someone gets one through or misses – whichever comes first.

Whoever does score gets to fire at their opponent’s back so they can’t see where it came from, making the fun hoops shootin’ activity increasingly difficult for them!

The winner of this fun basketball shooting game will be whoever scores or misses last – not who was hit by multiple balls before that point which is why you’ll want your players firing en masse instead of one-on-one combat. After all, what fun would a competition like that be?

Fun Basketball Shooting Games You Can Play | Field Insider (5)


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the most popular fun basketball shooting games in this blog post. If we haven’t included your favorite game, please let us know by leaving a comment below! So what is your favorite game?

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