7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (2023)

Developing your personal style sometimes means throwing caution to the wind. After all, rules were made to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion.

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (1)

If you read my 10 Fashion Mistakes that are Making you Look Shorter post, you may be thinking, isn’t this the exact opposite of that advice? The answer is yes, so let me explain.

Fashion and style rules are great guidelines to help people break out of their comfort zone and start to explore their own sense of creativity. It can be hard to go from lounging in basketball shorts and a hoodie all day to wearing maxi dresses with thigh-high slits and vegan leather jackets.

That’s a stark contrast and can feel scary, if not impossible. This is where fashion advice (and rules) comes in handy.

Once you start expanding your wardrobe and incorporating style tips and tricks, your confidence will grow and so will your own personal style. This is exactly what we want my friend.

With that confidence, your creativity will start to come in more and more. Those old fashion rules that helped you transition from frumpy to fabulous, no longer need to be followed so faithfully.

You have the foundation built and can take risks to express yourself, on your own terms.

In this article I’ll be breaking down the Best Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules to Break:

  • Horizontal & Oversized Patterns
  • Clothes that Don’t Fit Properly
  • Chunky Shoes & Accessories
  • Stuffy Necklines
  • Too Many Long Layers

I’ll also show you style inspiration for when you choose to break these petite plus fashion rules. This is gonna be a fun one, so let’s get into it!

This article is dedicated to the 7 fashion rules to break for petite plus size.

Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules to Break

Fashion Rule to Break #1 & 2: Wearing Patterns the Wrong Way

Horizontal Stripes

This is the most notorious of fashion rules pushed onto women of a certain size. If you wear any size bigger than an 8, you probably believe that horizontal stripes will never work for you.

Truthfully, horizontal stripes will not be as flattering on a bigger body type as say, a vertical stripe.

But that does not mean that there’s no room for you to have fun with them!

I personally break this rule all the time because I love a good striped statement piece, anyway I can get it.

I don’t wear horizontal stripes all the time but the pieces in my closet that are horizontal, are truly cherished!

(Video) 7 Style Mistakes I've Made And How I Fixed Them | Petite Plus Style

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (2)

As you can see by my outfit in this photo, I love mixing all types of stripes, horizontal or otherwise. So, if you find a piece that has horizontal stripes that you absolutely love, live a little and give it a chance.

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (3)
Oversized or Busy Patterns

Generally speaking, this is a good rule but if there’s a larger-scale print that you love, don’t let anyone stop you from rocking it.

When it comes to patterns, I typically don’t pay much attention to the scale. If it’s striped, floral, or cheetah print, nine times out of ten, it’s coming home with me.

Now, if you are just beginning to learn about what you like in terms of fashion and style, this again is a good rule to follow.

Now, once you figure out what patterns are your favorite, get risky.

You might discover that you have a signature print and it can actually make shopping easier.

Just learning how to style your petite plus size body? Check out The Best Style Tips for Short and Thick Legs

Fashion Rule to Break #3: Clothes that Don’t Fit Properly

Sometimes you need an oversized look in your life.

I love wearing oversized shirts because when you are petite aka under 5’4, that shirt immediately becomes a dress!

(Video) 7 Broke Girl Secrets to Look Richer / Petite Style (4’8” to 5’2”)

This is one fashion rule I would say is the absolute easiest to break.

If you have an oversized top, pair it with some pointy ankle booties and a few dainty jewelry pieces, et voila, she’s a casual chic vibe that’s giving legs for days.

I’ve been loving this oversized shacket that I found a few months ago at Uptown Cheapskate.

At first, I was nervous at how baggy the fit was but once I got my creative juices flowing, it quickly became my new favorite statement piece!

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (4)

Fashion Rule to Break #4 & 5: Heavy Accessories

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (5)
Chunky Shoes

Chunky shoes have been in style for the past couple of seasons and I’m here for it.

They give you a little height boost but they’re also super comfortable because you’re not having to balance on a tiny stiletto… no thanks.

So, this is an easy one, if they’re comfy and make you feel good, wear them.

My go-to chunky shoe is this easy slip-on, formerly white, Chuck wannabe.

I love them because they are so comfy and pair well with jeans, dresses, skirts, and really anything.

Layered Chunky Accessories

I break this rule daily, ha! Accessories are so much fun, it can be hard to choose just one.

(Video) How To Figure Out Your Personal Style | Petite Plus Size Style Tips

Chunky accessories can be bold sunglasses, large statement necklaces, layers of bracelets, or larger handbags, cross bodies, and fanny packs.

Any of these are fair game, in my opinion, so feel free to throw this rule out the window when you find a chunky accessory that truly speaks to you.

Looking for more petite plus size style help? Join the MoraRae Community and you’ll have fresh fashion advice delivered right to your inbox, every week.

Fashion Rule to Break #6: Avoiding Stuffy Necklines

Turtle necks and standard crew necks tend to feel more ‘stuffy’ when we petite plus-size women wear them. BUT there is a way to break this rule if you layer these as a part of a monochromatic or tonal look.

Imagine a bold, shades of pink, 2 piece suit with a lightweight turtle neck layered underneath the blazer–someone give me a rose gold briefcase and call me Elle Woods already!

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (6)

Alright, so I haven’t created the pink signature suit yet, but believe me, it’s on my to-sew list! So, instead, I put together this edgy turtleneck dress outfit to illustrate why stuffy necklines sometimes can work well for us.

Fashion Rule to Break #7: Wearing Too Many Long Pieces at Once

As women with shorter proportions, it’s hard enough to pull off a maxi look or a tall tee without looking like we’ve been swallowed up by fabric.

So, avoiding too many long layers is a fashion rule that makes a lot of sense for a petite plus-size body type.

That is, until winter rolls in, and this rule basically becomes a must to break.

The best way to break this rule is to add a narrow belt to help define your waist and pair it with a pointy-toe boot or heel.

In this outfit inspiration, I’ve layered my favorite winter buffalo check coat over a long striped duster and a maxi-length dress.

The duster has a belt that helps to visually cinch in my waist.

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (7)
(Video) Eighteen AWFUL 2023 Fashion Trends for Plus Size Women + 3 That I LOVE!

While the black pointed-toe boots match the black of the dress, which helps to elongate the look of my legs.

Et voila, multiple long layers on a petite plus babe equal a chic and warm, winter vibe.

Fashion is Meant to be Fun and Expressive

If you hear about a style rule that doesn’t sit well with you, throw it out the window babe!

I love helping petite plus women find their own personal style, that’s what this blog is all about. Take all inspiration and advice and let it be your guide, not your bible.

Find what makes you feel good in the skin you are in and you’ll never have to worry about a fashion faux pas again.

This is your guide to breaking fashion rules to find your own personal petite plus size style.

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (8)
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7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (9)
7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (10)

7 Petite Plus Size Fashion Rules that were Made to Be Broken (11)


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